August 24, 2005

Fetish, much?

So, Em0 was right about us being tortured by our natal families, but Raine and I have agreed that there are perks to being around the Moms. One of these is, well, being bought things. *smile*

Yesterday, my corset fetish ... and my high-heel thing ... got a huge boost. Mumzilla was dressing her little filial Barbie-doll for a garden party this weekend, at which I am supposed to make my society debut and stick it to a snobby friend of her mother's. Which means two new corsets and a pair of four-inch black sandals for me.

More photos will follow, hopefully involving the second corset (off-white, with black lace inset at the bust) and me. ;-)

Anyway. That's the upside. The downside being that I'm apparently only bi to piss her off. (Trust me, dear readers, there are easier ways - although this way has some lovely, kind, intelligent, dead-sexy fringe benefits. *smile*)


Jack said...

"only bi to piss her off" :-)
that's funny. Why do mum's always make it about them?

The Mirrorball Man said...

Honey, I hope you know I wish you lots of luck in your continuous battles against your mother.

Love always,