August 10, 2005

Femme manifesto

As the occasionally pissy author of the femme-rant in Not Bad for Jew Hair (forthcoming, thanks to scanner-diva Icarus!), I was pleased to find Holly Diva Ferrise's "Femme is Gender-Queer" in my web-wanderings this afternoon. Although I don't associate (my) femme-hood with all the things that she does, I'll give equal time to any kick-ass expression of femme-hood, especially one that doesn't start "Ewwww, I can't believe all the gross flannel-clad women out there!" ;-)

Particularly happy-making lines include:

Because I will never again don someone else's uniform to prove that I fit into their community
Because never again will I strip away my authentic self to prove my politics
Because I believe in a feminism that celebrates freedom, not restriction

Because I DON'T believe that it's feminist to tell me how to look, what to do with my body, who to love, who to fuck, or who to beg to fuck me
Because my version of femininity is NOT the one I learned in school, or church, or from my mother
Because I am a dolled up, glam-ed out, glittery girly-girl who refuses to keep her mouth - or her legs - shut
Because femme is not an adjective describing what I took out of my closet today, but the attitude, energy, and mantra by which I live and breathe
Because of all this and more,
My Femmeness is genderqueer

yay. :-)


maudite entendante said...

ooh! blockquotes are pink!

so much the better ... ;-)

The Mirrorball Man said...

Genderqueer = Hot. :-P

P.S. Why are anonymous comments not allowed on this blog? :(

icarus said...

awesome, indeed.

i enabled anonymous comments for now, but if trolls/flamers/spammers/etc appear, that privilege will go away immediately.

emily0 said...

anonymous comments attract trolls. and spam. but i guess they're worth trying.

i like the rant from madame, BTW.

femmeness is genderqueer is a great fucking slogan. should get a shirt.

Game said...

Its always nice to find other genderqueer blogs. I want to get a translesbian civil union with holly diva ferrise. who is she?

genderqueer squared said...

Great to find genderqueer blogs. Mine is genderqueersquared. Keep writing. Awesome!