August 13, 2005

Administrative things and overhearings

First, the important news: as we post more daily-bloggish notes, the entries with the scans of the 'zine pages will be pushed farther down and eventually off the front page. So, if you will kindly look to the right-hand side of the page ... that's right, in the sidebar ... I'll wait ... ok. Right there, we've added a section called "back issues of quench," with links to posts that contain back-issue scans. Currently, the only one listed is #1.

Now, more

Overheard at Quench Central

"I was so fucking queer, rainbows shot out of my eyebrows." - EmZilch

"This is, like, a whole big lesbian household with only a few lesbians." - Icarus

"When did our house become a feminist publishing cooperative?" - Emily1 of WFD (a Quench roommate)

"I am the secret humming linguistics computer of the alien sex gods." - EmZilch (that was the part of the conversation that made the most sense...)

Em0: You look like you need caffeine.
M.E.: No, I need the yakuza to stop making snuff films.
Emily1: In your head?
M.E.: Yup.
Emily1: Aw, that's rough, babe.
(NB: Em0 promptly gave me caffeine. Life got better.)

Em0: I have a Berber fetish.
Raine: The people, or the rugs? [upon being mocked:] Well, you know, texture's everything.

And, from yesterday's Overheard in the Office:

You've Got All Weekend to Find One, Folks

Editor #1: I don't know why that French reporter couldn't find a transgendered person. It's not like transgendered people are a rare species that you can't find anywhere.
Editor #2: Maybe she didn't know where to look.
Editor #1: What do you mean, "where to look"? Transgendered people are everywhere.

487 Greenwich Street
New York, NY

*looks in next room*
I win!

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